McKinzie James

McKinzie James is the 2nd Grade student of the week because she logs in everyday and turns in all of her assignments. She is also on every zoom meeting and is always willing to participate in group questions.

- Mrs. Birkeland

Ryleigh Wetzel

Ryleigh Wetzel, 4th grade, has had perfect attendance and completes her work. She also keeps Ms. Hoffner on her toes by making sure the Google Classroom is running smoothly! Keep it up, Girl!

- Tara Hoffner

Taya Alberts

I’m proud to announce that Taya Alberts has been nominated the Kindergarten student of the week. She has shown outstanding participation. She has had perfect attendance, completed all her work on time, and has attended every class meeting.

- Jaci Homan

Olivia Hanson

Olivia Hanson is the student of the week! Olivia attends every zoom meeting and turns her work in on time! Olivia is also great about asking for help if she needs it. Keep up the great work Olivia!

- Kari Jo Taylor

Loretta Lawrence

Loretta Lawrence in first grade completes her work right away in the mornings. Attends Zoom Live teachings and participates!

- Alyssa Walter

Lilly Spotted Horse

Lilly SpottedHorse in the sixth grade shows up to all zoom meetings, participates in class, and turns in all work.

- Ashton Rode

Teagan McKay in kindergarten checks in everyday, & turns in all of her assignments on time & sends pictures of stuff she is doing at home. She is a hard worker!

- Jessica Tuhy

Pre-K student of the week is Reeanna Yankton. Way to go Reeanna! She checks in everyday, watches the lessons, and does the activities. She always has a smile on her face when she participates during zoom.

- Amy Ertelt

Pre-K student of the week is Haden Mertens. She checks in everyday, watches the lessons, and does all the activities. She participates during the live zooms. Way to go Haden!

- Amy Ertelt

Silas Weller

Silas Weller has attended many zoom meetings and is great at turning in his work. He always has a great attitude and participates in our zoom meetings. He always problem solves if something isn't working.

- Hilary Kratzke

Ryleigh Martin

The student of the week in third grade is Ryleigh Martin! Ryleigh hands his work in on time and has been working very hard through distance learning! Ryleigh also attends every Zoom meeting! Great job!!

- Kari Jo Taylor

Izabella Robertson checks in everyday & does all the work assigned on time everyday. She is a very hard worker!

- Jessica Tuhy

Madison Rode

Madison Rode completes her work daily and also completes all of her work throughout the week. She attends Zoom Live teachings and participates!

- Madison Rode

Mikan Kraft

Mikan Kraft is the 2nd grade student of the week! Mikan is completing all of his work everyday and always participates when asked to on zoom live teachings.

- Author Name