Clarification on "in-person" and "Distance Learning" student designations

  1. All students who are “in-person” learners, ARE “in person” learners every school day, through the end of the school year, no switching*.
    1. *Medical exceptions may be made for documented Covid Quarantine occurrences
    2. see student handbook for all student attendance expectations and guidelines, located on school web site
    3. In-person learners receive only teacher provided in-person instruction
      1. Should a student have to be excused from school for sickness, doctor/dental appointment, family emergency, etc., the student will access their assignments via Google Classroom.
      2. "In-person" students, when absent from school, may email their teachers questions on their assignments during the school day.  From 4PM to 9PM on Monday through Thursday they may contact the school district After School Tutoring program for additional help on their assignments.

2. All students who are “Distance learners” ARE distance learning students through the end of 3rd quarter, March 17, 2021.

A.  3rd quarter Distance learners can then choose

  1.   to remain on distance learning for the remainder of the school year, OR
  2.   begin "in-person" learning for the rest of the school year.

    1. “Zoom” teacher instruction exclusively available for Distance Learners and documented Covid quarantined students
      1.   "Zoom" instruction NOT available for "in-person" students, with the exception of students placed on a covid quarantine. 


Any questions, please contact me.  Thanks