The MPS staff did something new this year for their team building early out. Staff were given a BINGO card where they could choose to do activities both at school and in their personal lives to try to get a BINGO. Thank you tall the MPS staff who participated in this!!! We are so proud of our staff and what they do to make our school a better place.  

Staff Identified reasons for doing the BINGO card: 

  1. Something new and fun!

  2. Interacting with others! 

  3. Important Topics! 

  4. Self Care!

Summary of staff’s favorite activity/accomplishments that worked hard to achieve a bingo!: 

Tammy- Door decorating that was tied in with math for students to complete. 

MacKenzie- Reading books at the daycare.

Micki- Getting to volunteer at the 4-6 hot coco activity and seeing families she has never seen before. 

Becca- Visited with her grandma for an hour. 

Sarah- Students decorated her door. 

Ashton- Dressed up for the dress up days. 

Lindsey- Displaying student work–stockings. 

Laurie- Treat to share with others. 

Tara- Displayed Xmas tree art. 

Alyssa- Sent Classroom activity to MacKenzie

Tara- Attended an event with her family. 

Jackie- Viewed Xmas lights with family. 

Jaci- Selfied with her class and they want more. 

Petra- Board games with families 

Tasha- Displayed Xmas tree art in her pod. 

Shelby- Made something new- pickled eggs. 

Wanda- Self care-Gave up pop. 

Amanda- Tried rice casserole.  

Joy- Attended santa day in Maddock with her family. 

Rachel- Gave a gift to a giving tree and did Operation Christmas Child with her kids. 

Amy- Gave a giving tree gift- her kids helped her this year. 

Shilo- Tried making a new recipe that she couldn’t even try–Peppermint meringue.