Spelling Bee Participants

Congratulations to our participants who qualified for the Benson County Spelling Bee on February 11th, 2022. 

These are the students who placed in the spelling bee: 

2nd grade
5th Aiden Nelson
3rd grade
2nd Audrina Cavanaugh
4th grade
3rd Logan alberts
5th Grade
6th Madysen ploium
2nd Ahburey Baker
6th Mitchel Greene
5th Tye Threelrons
5th Asa Morgan
3rd Cailee Hanson

All of those who participated: 

Jenaya Cloud, Audreya Black, Madison Rode, Aiden Nelson, Catalina Lambert, Audrina Cavanaugh, Logan Alberts, Carissa Cavanaugh, Madysen Ploium, Ahburey Baker, Mitchell Greene, Avery Azure, Cameron Bishop, Tye ThreeIrons, Caillee Hanson, Asa Morgan